Cristal Finish – “This is a living floor” Hitesh Bodani

Cristal Finish was commissioned by Minal and Hitesh Bodani to install a bespoke floor at their new home in The Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE.

A Cristal Finish application team set out from Dublin, Ireland and installed what has become “a world class state of the art seamless surface”.

Thanks to Minal and Hitesh Bodani for their support and kindness and the opportunity to create a world class finish at their new home.

Cristal Finish
“The Leading Provider of Bespoke State of the Art Surface Materials to the World”

Cristal Finish working with Dr.Hitesh Bodani  at The Bodani Villa, UAE

Brian Norton Cristal Finish and Dr.Hitesh Bodani at The Bodani Villa

Cristal Finish,The Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE

Cristal Finish Floor,The Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE

“The design of our Emirates Hills Dubai Villa was inspired and created around our 635m2 Cristal Finish pearl and glass flooring” – Minal and Hitesh Bodani

View Cristal Finish in UAE here.


About Cristal Finish
Cristal Finish was a inspiring collection of surfaces made from small particles of recycled glass, semi-precious crystals and natural stones that blend magically with specially formulated stain resistant, antibacterial and waterproofing technologies to create simply stunning finishes. Films and Photography by Tony St Ledger

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