Cristal Finish Olympic Qualification

“When the marathon runners enter the Olympic Stadium, 4.7 Billion people will have seen our product. Now that’s what you call product placement.”

The Olympic Delivery Authority has commissioned Jason Bruges Studio and Martin Richman to design a series of art works for London 2012 Olympic Park. Selected from a shorlist of eight, the two practices will create visuals as well as audio, light and tactile elements installation for bridges and underpasses to be designed by architect Allies and Morrison. Jason Bruges Studio and Richman will now work with the ODA and Allies and Morrison to further develop their concept designs.

“This project is everything Cristal Finish have been waiting for both based on the prestige of the artist and architectural firm we are working with and of course the importance of the Olympics for City of London.”CF

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games project has incorporated arts and culture initiatives into the heart of the Olympic Park right from the start, creating an international benchmark for future Games.
The Olympic Delivery Authority’s (ODA’s) programme of permanent commissions has been integrated into the high- quality British architecture, design, construction and engineering of the Olympic Park. A diverse range of projects have been developed over the last two years. These range from bridges and underpasses designed by artists, to security fences, planting schemes, large-scale facades, as well as artist-led community projects in the five Host Boroughs (Greenwich, Hackney, Newham,Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets). These projects demonstrate the ingenuity and imagination that artists have brought to the look and feel of the Park.
By integrating arts and culture into the public spaces around the Park, our aim is to achieve a unique area that will give existing local communities a sense of ownership, attract new businesses, create an area where new communities will want to live, as well as make east London a world-class visitor destination.

Olympic Underpass U01 Sample created by Cristal Finish

Olympic Underpass U01 Sample created by Cristal Finish

Olympic Underpass U01 Sample being created by Cristal Finish based on Martin Richman Artwork.

The collaboration between Cristal Finish, the artist and architects has resulted in this exciting commission.

Olympic Underpass Movie Here

Olympic Underpass U01 Sample in detail created by Cristal Finish

Olympic Underpass U01 Sample in detail created by Cristal Finish

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About Cristal Finish
Cristal Finish was a inspiring collection of surfaces made from small particles of recycled glass, semi-precious crystals and natural stones that blend magically with specially formulated stain resistant, antibacterial and waterproofing technologies to create simply stunning finishes. Films and Photography by Tony St Ledger

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