Cristal Finish London Olympics 2012 – One Whirl by Martin Richman in Underpass UO1

Cristal Finish – The Hand of the Artist.  ‘One Whirl’ created by Martin Richman for London Olympics 2012.

In 2008 The Olympic Delivery Authority commissioned Central Saint Martins BA (Honours) Fine Art alumnus Martin Richman to design a series of works for London Olympics 2012.  London based Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design was the 2009 iconic venue for the UK launch for Cristal Finish.  Like Cristal Finish, Central Saint Martins has developed a reputation for pushing  the boundaries of art, design and performance.

In 2009 Cristal Finish undertook with our partners to create one of the most important art installations for London Olympics 2012.  Martin Richman created a visual as well as audio, light and tactile installation for Underpass U01 in collaboration with world renowned architects Allies and Morrison. Martin’s work is synonymous with outstanding architectural art works concerning light, colour and space.

Cristal Finish - One Whirl by Martin Richman - Brian Norton - Underpass UO1

Brian Norton Cristal Finish - One Whirl by Martin Richman - Underpass UO1

In September/October 2009 the “U01” team entered into a creative process delivering a set of samples which captured that original vision.   We are honoured to be chosen and committed to the process  with lots of pride and passion.  A trusting creative relationship grew from the initial conceptual meetings and our task was to deliver Martin’s original vision to Underpass UO1. Cristal Finish became the hand of the artist and the next step was to implement the design. Cristal Finish application team began work on the complexities of the design upon  arrival on site in early October 2011.
Cristal Finish look forward to the visitors to the Olympic Park reaction when this iconic piece of art is unveiled in July 2012  at the opening of the games. Cristal Finish Ltd wish to thank all who believed and helped us on this incredible journey to create a living legacy for the people of London, The City of London and we wish all participants success at the London Olympics and Paralympics Games in 2012.
Cristal Finish installation team have a vast knowledge through the experience of application.
Cristal Finish is a bespoke state of the art surface material.  We install, supply, engage and collaborate with artists, architects and interior designers.
Cristal Finish - London Olympics 2012

Cristal Finish - London Olympics 2012

Cristal Finish is a World Class Finish.
The Leading Provider of Bespoke State of the Art Surface Materials in the World © 2012

About Cristal Finish
Cristal Finish was a inspiring collection of surfaces made from small particles of recycled glass, semi-precious crystals and natural stones that blend magically with specially formulated stain resistant, antibacterial and waterproofing technologies to create simply stunning finishes. Films and Photography by Tony St Ledger

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